2020 Reservations


2020 Bookings

Bookings for  2020  will have a different booking/cancellation policy due to Covid-19 causing travel restrictions.

For bookings made for a   stay in 2020,  the following policy will apply:

  • Deposit is required to book a cottage
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard or Email Transfer for Deposits
  • Deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your reservation
  • Balance owing is due at check in
  • Reservations cannot be transferred or sold to another person.
  • The person making the reservation is responsible for the cottage should any damage occur.



2020  Cancellations

For bookings made for a   stay in 2020,   we have modifed our cancellation policy due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

2020 Covid-19 Restrictions causing cancellations:

If you must cancel your booking with us due to Provincial or Federal Restrictions on Travel preventing you from being able to travel to PEI or if the requirement is in place that you must self isolate for 14 days upon arrival into PEI, we are waiving our cancellation policy and you will receive a full refund less $10 administration cost to process the refund.  Cancellations must be made at least 2 days prior to arrival to receive this refund

2020 Cancellation Policy outside of Covid 19 Restrictions

  • Outside of Covid 19 restrictions preventing you from being able to travel to PEI for your stay, you will be required to cancel a full 14 days before arrival date to get a full refund of your deposit, less $50 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of arrival, we will refund your deposit (less $50 cancellation fee) if we are successful in renting the cottage out to another Guest.
  • If you are a "No Show" or do not cancel your booking, you will not receive any refundFor stays made for July through to Sept 6, cancellations must be made made a full   14 days   prior to the arrival date to receive a refund as follows:receive any refund.  If you must shorten your stay to comply with Gov't regulations due to Covid-19, a full refund will be issued