Please Note:   there will be No Cavendish Beach Music Festival for 2021 but expect it to resume for 2022.


Use of  CANNABIS   is NOT permitted on our property effective 2021 and those who use it will not be allowed to stay with us.  Therefore if you have members in your group who use Cannabis you will not be able to book with us.

2022 Cavendish Beach Music Festival Policies

CBMF will be held  July  8,9,10  for 2022  with a possibility of a 4 night on July 7th.
The Policies outlined on this page are strictly for staying during the Music Festival Weekend.
See our regular policies for stays outside July 7,8,9,10
A Shuttle Service is provided for Fri/Sat/Sun

2022 Cavendish Beach Music Festival July 7,8,9,10 -  Shuttle Service is available from our property.     


  • Over night Plain Clothes Security on site to enforce these rules
  • For 2018 our property (including the pool area) and Office will be under camera surveillance.
  • We are not suitable for those who want to stay up partying through the night after the festival
  • We will only take QUIET PERSONS who will respect and abide by our rules
  • Only 1 cottage per group so no booking of multiple cottages
  • To book or inquire you need to contact us directly at  info@mayfieldcountrycottages.com  as we will not be displaying our Vacancy to be able to book online.

RULES for staying during CBMF period

  • These Rules apply to Cavendish Beach Music Festival Weekend ONLY
  • Effective 2021 due to damages we've incurred, Use of Legalized Cannabis will NOT be permitted on our property.  If you have members in your group who use the product you cannot stay with us.
  • Quiet Time  is  12 midnight - 8am and is    STRICTLY   ENFORCED
  • Absolutely No hanging out on the decks after the festival after midnight.  Be quiet if on the deck smoking during quiet time (meaning no talking duirng quiet time).
  •  All persons staying on our property will be required to wear bracelets Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun.  Only those with our bracelets will be allowed on the property
  • No Off Site Visitors Allowed - from Thursday 9pm through till Monday 1pm (Day or Night)
  • Maximum 2 Vehicles per Cottage
  • NO PETS allowed in any cottages - NO SMOKING inside the cottage  ($1000 Violation Fee will apply)
  • If you arrive with more persons than that approved in your booking,  or if you try to sneak in extra persons you may be evicted from the property or prohibited from staying with no refunds given
  • If you Try to sneak in extra people over what you booked for, you will be caught and evicted from the property without any refund.



  • Reservations & Deposits are NON-Transferable to other persons so no selling your reservation
  • Upon arrival, ALL occupants must check in at the office and provide photo ID
  • Names and age of each person to stay is required upon booking
  • Deposit must be paid by Visa or Master Card. Credit card used must belong to someone staying in the cottage.
  • $500 Non-Refundable Deposit is due with each booking;  Balance is due 60 days before arrival on May 8, 2022
  • The person who's name is on the reservation is responsible for the cottage and/or damage
  • Access to the Cottage will NOT be given until the person who  booked has arrived and registered.  Everyone arriving later is required to check in at the Office immediately upon arriving.
  •  Only the # of people you booked for will be allowed to stay in the cottage
  • Written permission by email must be obtained from our Office to increase the # of occupants to stay
  • You cannot sell your reservation to another person should you have to cancel. Reservations/deposits are non-transferable.

Inquire with us

Cancellation Policy:

  • For Cancellations made before May 8, 2022  you will lose the $500 non-refundable deposit you paid.
  • For Cancellations after May 8m 2022,  you will receive a full refund less the $500 non-refundable deposit paid as long as the cottage gets rented back for the nights you have booked..
  • If you leave before your reservation has ended, you will NOT receive any refund
  • If you arrive before your reservation starts (and we have availability) you will be required to pay the regular cottage rate for the season (discounted from CBMF rates) along with the 5 night CBMF reservation cost you had booked
Inquire with us



These cottages are available for 2022 CBMF period - inquire here
Please Note:  Our availability will not show up on "Search for Vacancies" you must inquire directly with us.  We only accept bookings from Guests we feel are a good fit for our Quiet Property and not on a first come/first serve basis.

2021 Rates   -  For CBMF Festival Weekend - Shuttle Service is available

Rates below cover a 5 night stay.  You can stay less night but these are the prices to book with us.

1 Bedroom Cottage:
Maximum 4 persons
Covers up to 5 nights:  $1200 + tax  and covers up to 2 persons
Extra persons: 200 + tax per extra person
7 nights:  $400 + tax  and covers up to 2 persons
Extra person $230 + tax per extra person
 2 Bedroom Cottages:
Maximum 6 persons
Covers up to 5 nights:  $1500+ tax  and covers up to 4 persons
Extra persons are $200 + tax
Cost for 7 nights:  $1850 + tax  and covers up to 7 nights
Extra persons are $230 + tax per extra person over the count of 4
2 Bedroom 2 bathroom Cottages:
Maximum 7 persons
Covers up to 5 nights:  $1650 + tax and covers up to 4 persons)
Extra persons are $200 + tax per extra person
Cost for 7 nights:  $2050 + tax and covers up to 4 persons
Extra persons are $230 + tax per extra person over the count of 4
3 Bedroom Cottages
Maxium 8 persons
Cost for 5 nights:  $2100 + tax  and covers up to 5 persons
Extra persons are $200 + tax
Cost for 7 nights:  $2580 + tax  and covers up to 5 persons
Extra persons are $230 + tax


Festival is behind "Avonlea Shops".  We are Not within walking distance, 6kms away - about 6-7 min drive.   You get dropped off near Avonlea Shops or as close to the Festival Stage as possible but for pick up you must walk up to the Gas Station at the intersection of Rte 6 & 13 which is about 3/4km walk along Rte 6 from the Avonlea Shops entrance.  You are shown where the pick up location on your ride up to the festival. Shuttle runs from 12noon - 7:30pm and 10:30pm - midnight on Fri/Sat/Sun.  Flat Fee of $75 per person.    Shuttle service is available for 2021.


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