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UPDATE: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

We have an update for those from the rest of Canada who want to visit PEI this summer.  PEI Gov't has moved up the date from July 28th to July 18th to allow Canadians from the rest of Canada (outside the Atlantic Bubble) to be able to travel freely to PEI this summer (starting July 18th) if you are fully vaccinated.  This is going to make it very busy for Tourism Businesses on PEI so book early!


When you come onto PEI they will do a swab test on you and you will be on your way within 15 mins.  Should your test come back with positive they will get a hold of you within 2 hours to let you know.  Otherwise you are free to travel around PEI without isolating or quarantining.   You do not have to wait at the Bridge or Ferry Parking lot for your results to come in.

Travel Update for Visitors to PEI - June 15, 2021

Atlantic Bubble will begin on June 27th for those people from NB, NS, NL who want to travel to PEI.

Great News for Canadians from outside of the Atlantic Bubble because now you can travel to PEI effective July 28, 2021 without having to self isolate if you are vaccinated
This date may move up to anywhere between July 18-28.   We will know more in a couple of weeks.
As Vaccines roll out more, PEI is able to re-open sooner.
Once the word gets out PEI Accommodation providers will get very busy so Book Now!

Visit the Links outlining the PEI Gov't plan here

And a Link from the Tourism Industry Association discussing the new reopening date