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Booking direct with us will ensure you pay the lowest rate we offer.   Rates shown on this website are In House rates for Direct Bookings only.  If you book any of our cottages through other Travel or Booking sites, you will pay 10-15% more than booking directly with us here.  You cannot book packages on 3rd party sites, just by booking directly with us.


Book direct with us here online with  BOOK NOW    and just scroll down the page to enter your dates  or  by phone at
We reserve the right to refuse any booking or to ask the guest to modify their dates to prevent single nights falling open between other bookings that we will not be able to get rented.
For Group bookings please note that we are known for being a quiet establishment so we do not permit gatherings on the decks after 11pm.  Quiet time is 11pm-8am and is enforced.


CBMF - we have 2 cottages available for 2023 CBMF.    (updated November 29th)
NO PHONE CALLS (you will be directed to go to our website as our phones are not manned this time of year), you have to send an inquiry here  .
Note you cannot book these cottages online.  We are screening people to get the right fit for our property and we will call interested persons to get the booking info as our phones are not manned this time of year.
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Check Availability Here    OR    you can see them on each cottage page.    They are updated daily with each booking.


PHONE:    Call us at 1-902-963-2163 .


You can also use our Secure in house book online form to provide your information securely once we have confirmed the booking details with you. This is not live booking so only use if you corresponded with us through email and we've discussed your booking details.
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