NOTE:     Live booking is now available.   However you cannot book any PACKAGES or for CBMF or SOMMO weekends online.  You have to contact us to book those  Inquire here


If your search generates       "Contact to Book",         click on     "Daily  Breakdown"    to see if the cottage is available for your dates.     If so you will need to email us at   or call us at 1-902-963-2163 to book these dates.
To book online with live booking you will need to search for at least 3 nights June and Sept or 4 nights in July and August.    Shorter stays may be available but they can't be booked online, contact us to book shorter stays   or call us at 1-902-963-2163


BOOKING    WITH    PETS:          If you are booking with a pet there are restrictions in place as we only accept dogs that are considered     Non-Shedding Hypo-Allergenic Dog Breeds    but only in our    "designated" pet friendly cottages   (due to staff and guest allergies).    Your pet must be approved by Management before booking online.



You can book online, call us at 1-902-963-2163 to book by phone
or email us to
Send us an    Inquire here


Our Packages are not offered on travel sites.  You can only book them directly through us.
Packages cannot be booked online at this time and will not show up in our Online Booking System.

View Family Packages here 
View Couples Packages here
View Golf Packages here
Contact us if you would like to book or inquire about a package


If you book us through the Travel Sites advertised on TV, you'll pay 15-20% more than if you book directly with us here on our own website or you call 1-902-963-2163.  Note we don't always list all our availability on these Travel Sites so we still could have availability if you book directly with us.  We do not use these booking site for popular dates/periods.

Booking direct with us here with our     (or by phone 1-902-963-2163) will ensure you pay the lowest rate we offer.

Rates shown on our website are for Direct Bookings only and are available through our live Online Booking

We reserve the right to refuse any booking or to ask the guest to modify their dates to prevent single nights falling open between other bookings that we will not be able to get rented.


You can also use our Secure in house book online form to provide your information securely once we have confirmed the booking details with you. This is not live booking so only use if you corresponded with us through email and we've discussed your booking details.
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